The Ultimate Thought Crime

We're trapped in our own heads, fearful of other folks' judgment - David  McElroy

Can they turn your mind into a prison cell?

A woman who was busted for silent prayer in December wants her case to go to trial so she can be rid of the charges once and for all.

Isabel Vaughan-Spruce was arrested near an abortion center in Birmingham, England, and charged with “protesting and engaging in an act that is intimidating to service users” ( The center wasn’t open at the time, there was no one there to “intimidate,” but never mind–why, it’s an official Censorship Zone!

So Herod’s Men swung into action. Ms. Spruce was hauled off to the cop shop when she admitted she “might have prayed in my head.”

What if she had said “I was trying to remember the combination to my gym locker”? Or the cast of Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid?

Anyway, Herod’s Men “discontinued” the charges against her; but for fear they might be reinstated if the chief constable woke up with a hangover, she wants her day in court to settle the matter one way or another.

Make no mistake about it: We are talking about “the authorities” deciding what you may or may not think.

God be thanked–our Declaration of Independence was a spectacularly good idea!

Will the UK make it to 2100? I don’t like their chances.

New Thought Crime: ‘Election Denial’

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Democrats have been trying for years to get “Climate Change Denial” declared a crime, punishable by fines and/or imprisonment. They’re still working on that, but now they’ve come up with another offense that they think ought to get you into a world of hurt–

“Election Denial” (

Far Left Stupid think tanks have been fuming over “the myth of voter fraud”–hell’s bells, there ain’t no voter fraud! Joe Biden spends most of the campaign hiding in his cellar, nobody comes to his rallies… and he still gets 81 million “votes” (heh-heh), more than Obama got, by Jove! Nothin’ wrong here.

Now, you must understand… it’s only Election Denial when Republicans do it. After Election Day, 2016, Democrats everywhere spent every single day for the next four years denying Donald Trump’s electoral victory. Never coulda happened! We was robbed! Hillary’s the rightful president! Robert “Meat-head” Reiner even declared that Hillary Clinton should just “take over,” election be damned.

When Democrats do it, it’s not Election Denial. Denying 2016 is not Election Denial, but denying the travesty in 2020… is. Got that?

At least now we know that what they want is a “mild species of dictatorship” backed up by a “flexible” Constitution that lets them crush anyone who gets in their way. They’ve made that crystal-clear.

They’ll still get the chucklehead vote. They won’t have to cheat for that.


‘TV “Science Guy”: Jail the Skeptics’ (2016)

I was only making a rhetorical point, six years ago, when I suggested letting all the real criminals out of jail to make room for Climbit Chainge deniers (they hadn’t yet invented the crime of Misgendering–to say nothing of dead-naming). And then along came King COVID, and guess what the Democrats running our big Blue cities did…

TV ‘Science Guy’: Jail the Skeptics

They do want to throw you in jail for not believing them when they say the sky is falling, and they would do it if they thought they had the power. If Donald Trump hadn’t come along in 2016 and stuck a crowbar in their spokes, they might have pulled it off.

So they have let thousands of convicted felons out of jail, to commit more felonies, and don’t think they’ve given up their dream of jailing you for thought crimes. These are people who passionately admire Red China.

God help us if we fail to wipe them out in this year’s elections.

‘Mischief in High Places’ (2017)

Get to Know Obama's Attorney General Pick: Loretta Lynch

Partners in crime

Remember Loretta Lynch? The Obama attorney general who wanted to chuck people into jail for “Climate Change Denial.” The one who spiked an investigation of Hillary Clinton. Yeah, that Loretta Lynch.

In 2017 she briefly burst into the headlines again, saying things were so intolerably awful with Donald Trump as president, there would have to be “blood in the streets.”

Mischief in High Places

Really, I don’t see how our civilization can possibly survive the current tsunami of crime, fanaticism, idiocy, and lust for power–all the product of our indescribably delinquent ruling class.

Heck, it took SloJo Biden no time at all to find an AG who’s even worse than Ms. Lunch…

‘The Suicidal Western World’ (2015)

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Marine Le Pen… guilty of having an opinion not approved by the government

I will never understand why, after 9/11 and various attacks on Europe, the leaders of the Western world developed a mania for importing Muslims–as many as they can cram into their countries. Nor are they troubled for a moment by the resulting danger and unrest. And they punish anyone who suggested they stop doing it.

The Suicidal Western World

But then what is globalism, if not national suicide? Globalists pursue policies deliberately aimed at making nations fail. Then they can take over. I didn’t believe that five years ago, but the evidence has piled up and can’t be denied any longer.

May God have mercy on our folly–for we have let them do this.


‘School “Investigates” 5-Year-Old Girl for Thought Crime’ (2017)

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Could we please, please, please think again about re-opening our public schools?

Why re-consider it? Well, because of incidents like this:

School ‘Investigates’ 5-Year-Old Girl for Thought Crime

The little girl was made the subject of an “investigation”–who do these maggots think they are–because she was slow to recognize and applaud some little boy’s “transitioning” into a phony parody of a girl. This was in California, of course, where else–there, “misgendering” is a crime. They’ll let you go scot-free for robbery, but don’t you dare use the wrong pronoun!

This is what our public schools have been doing, the last few years, and this is what they will go back to doing when we re-open them.

They won’t stop unless we stop them.

Why I’m With the GOP

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From time to time, I take flak for being unabashedly Republican. That is not to say I trust or respect the GOP leadership: saying that would be untrue. But ours is a two-party system, and third parties are nothing but a waste of time and votes. You’re either with the Stupid Party or the Evil Party.

Democrats are wedded–and “welded” might be an even better word–to principles and policies that are irredeemably wicked, to say nothing of insane. I do remember a time when normal people used to be Democrats, but that time seems to have passed. So you might say I’m a Republican because it’s the most practical way of opposing the Democrat Party.

If you vote for any Democrat, here’s what you’re voting for, and make no mistake about it: abortion; “transgender” stuff; same-sex marriage, and you’d better endorse it or else; criminalization of religious and political beliefs; criminalization of “climate change denial” (don’t laugh: it was on Hillary’s platform in 2016); erasure of our immigration laws; disastrous experiments in “open borders”; destruction of created wealth by burdensome and non-helpful regulations; the return of the “mandate” portion of Obamacare; subordination of American interests to the UN and other “global” bodies; an all-out plunge into laws and regulations to fight imaginary “climate change”; transformation of official government agencies, that we all pay for, into partisan organs of the Democrat Party, charged with stifling dissent and opposition; the purposeful embrace of socialism…

Had enough? Need I go on?

Let me make the usual disclaimer: there are plenty of corrupt swamp rats in the GOP. It would be an excellent thing to weed them out. The Republican donor class would love to inundate America with a flood of cheap labor from the Third World. These Republicans are not our friends, and there are plenty of them. Nevertheless, the Republican Party is the only tool in the box right now, and we’d better use it.

The Democrat Party must be totally defeated. Realization of its goals would be the thorough destruction of America. They have not been bashful about telling us what those goals are.

It is the party of Antifa.

It must be utterly defeated and driven into oblivion, never to return.

And then we can start weeding out the vipers in the GOP.

‘Let’s Shut Everybody Up’ (2016)

Image result for images of loretta lynch tyrant

Here’s another reminder of the big fat bullet we dodged on Election Day 2016.

Lest we forget: the criminalization of “Climate Change Denial” was a plank in the Democrat platform. And at our colleges and looniversities where speech codes and intimidation reign supreme, 90% (or more!) of faculty and staff are Democrats.

The War on Normal People: ‘Misgendering’

Why do libs and other Democrats always want felons to be sprung from jail?

Obviously to make room there for the rest of us.

In New York City now, they’ve made it a serious crime to fail to use some transgender kook’s “preferred pronoun” ( ). At first this prohibition applied only to city employees. Now it has been widened to include “employees, landlords, and businesses.” I think you can soon expect to see it expanded to include family members, neighbors, or just people passing on the street.

Laws used to be about what you couldn’t do. With leftids in charge, laws are increasingly about things we must do, must say, must believe. Like Obamacare: you must buy medical insurance. Or you must be actively involved in a homosexual pseudo-wedding if they demand it of you.

Now the New York City Commission on Human Rights–hint: if your town or city has one of these, then your town or city has more money than is good for it–is on the lookout for “intentional or repeated refusal to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun, or title.”

Does that mean I can force people to address me as “your majesty,” if that’s the title I prefer? If not, why not?

The commission suggests that, to avoid trouble, employees at any business should ask a person “What is your preferred pronoun?” the moment he, she, or it comes into the shop. Business owners are instructed to fire employees who won’t comply. If you don’t conform to leftids’ vision of “diversity,” you must not be allowed to earn a livelihood.

So, great, now the libs have put a brand-new crime on the books–in addition to other just-invented crimes like microaggression, humanizing the fetus, and the biggest boogie-man of them all, Climate Change Denial.

This is what happens when a great city winds up being governed by a nitwit who used to be a Sandinista groupie. This clown won’t even use his real name, which is Warren Wilhelm Jr.–not “Bill DeBlasio.”

Clearly God is angry with us, to allow such leaders as this to rule over us.