‘Princeton: You Can’t Say “Man” Anymore’ (2016)

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“Words fry introsectional socio-pupa my thrymbut–right?”

I’ve been writing about this crapola for ten years or so. Are we any better off for having indulged it that long?

Princeton: You Can’t Say ‘Man’ Anymore

Now it can be told: College makes you stupid. If you don’t come out of there a flaming idiot, it won’t be because they haven’t tried to make you one.

Of course words are “exclusive,” you driveling morons. If they weren’t, communication would be impossible. But then you’re halfway there already, aren’t you.

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  1. Yes, they are well on the way to the “mark of the beast” thinking they are getting a hand up, not realizing they are getting the great slap down. I feel really sorry for these people, but I am too old now to fight very hard. I do what little I can and pray God’s will be done.

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