Sick of Hanging Planters?

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I’m so sick of hanging planters, I could plotz! And here I am, using up valuable time that ought to be devoted to reporting the nooze, bellyaching about hanging planters. (See “Byron’s TV Listings,” today, for more about hanging planters that bore you to tears.)

Look at those planters in the photo! How can you help but be reminded of the way the ancient Celts made trophies of their enemies’ heads? It’ll ruin your supper.

Was it Ralph Kiner who said “I don’t want to talk about hanging planters”? But Solon said it first! He made a law against hanging planters, but as soon as his back was turned, the Athenians went hog-wild with the freakin’ things.

The Indus Valley people had really dull hanging planters–and where are they now?

H.P. Lovecraft was briefly driven mad by his mother’s hanging planters.

I’m too upset to cover any more nooze today. Blame it on those hanging planters.

2 comments on “Sick of Hanging Planters?

  1. Dickens didn’t like hanging planters, either. Mrs. Pipchin’s academy in “Dombey and Son” has among its other discomforts a lot of hanging planters with tendrils that brush against visitors and make them think they’re covered with spiders — of which the academy has quite enough anyway.

    Myself, after my 3 years in Baton Rouge any kind of hanging or creeping foliage makes me shudder as I remember the all-devouring kudzu.

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