If They’d *Kept* This in the Vatican Longer…

He had a close call.

Hey, remember that “Pachamama” idol the Red Pope had set up in the Vatican?

Well, a man in Bolivia says he was recently sacrificed to Pachamama–buried alive, and somehow smashed his way out of the coffin (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11103241/Man-smashes-way-COFFIN-buried-alive-sacrifice-mother-earth-Bolivia.html). He says he was at a “Mother Earth” festival, where he drank too much and passed out–and woke up inside a coffin, 50 miles from the site.

Sacrificed to Pachamama. Hot dog. It ain’t your grandpa’s Vatican, is it?

This is why you don’t bring heathen idols into the Vatican and set them up on altars. Kinda gives people the wrong idea.


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  1. I just read Deuteronomy 7. The last verses talk about not bringing into your home any abomination not even to desire the gold or silver that is on them. These are cursed things and will turn a person away from the Lord.

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