A Refresher: ‘Some Thoughts on Roy Moore’ (2017)

FBI raids home and offices of L.A. City Councilman Jose Huizar - Los  Angeles Times

Who’s safe from this, anymore?

It’s easy to forget political events, even ones that were really big nooze at the time. I thought it would be good to revisit 2017 and the witch-hunt that kept Judge Roy Moore out of the U.S. Senate.

Some Thoughts on Roy Moore

This is what Democrats to do their political rivals–try to destroy them. A federal jury has awarded Moore $8.2 million in damages against the Democrats for defaming him in the Senate campaign. Their aim was to permanently destroy his reputation. They spent $4 million doing it.

But that’s nothing compared to what they’ve done to President Donald Trump. Now they’ve raided his home, and won’t say what for. They’ve turned the FBI into a corrupt partisan goon squad. When are they going to start shooting politicians they don’t like?

I was a newspaper man in the 1970s, covering state, county, and local politics. Most of the politicians I dealt with were Democrats–on the whole, normal, decent, and sane, even if they did have a few ideas I thought were totally wrong. Some were even good. I don’t recall speaking with any who were 20 oars short of a trireme, rug-chewing, foaming-at-the-mouth Far Left Crazies.

What happened to normal Democrats? How did they get replaced by all these loonies?

Well… If they can do it to Donald Trump, they can do it to you.

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