Teachers’ Union: Pure Arrogance

Look at this garbage spewed out by the New Jersey “Education” Assn. Anyone would think the teachers’ union had something positive to offer. But if you thought that, you’d be hopelessly wrong.

Yowsah, yowsah. “Some New Jersey schools are under siege…”

By parents, you dolt! They’re “under siege” by parents! Parents who don’t want their kids being “taught” racial paranoia, transgender propaganda, bogus hate-America “social studies”… and being groomed for aberrant sex.

No, you clods, parents aren’t speaking up at school board meetings because they want to “score political points.” They are there because they haven’t yet realized that the only way to deal with you is to pull their children out of your toxic public schools.

You’ll never go back to being sane and decent. Teachers’ unions are fabulously corrupt and can’t be saved.

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