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Readers are miffed because it seems WordPress won’t let them post their comments. I spent practically the whole afternoon yesterday with the WP Happiness Engineers, trying to fix this. We thought we had… but were quickly proved wrong.

If it were all the readers all the time, a problem like that would be easily identified and put to rights. But when is anything easy? No–some readers have no problem at all. Some can’t get their comments up no matter what they do. A few are able to do it sometimes. There’s no pattern here!

You can hardly post comment that says “I can’t post a comment.” You could email me about it, and I could forward your email to the Engineers: that might help.

I’m miffed, too. I want to read your comments! I want us to enjoy fellowship and conversation! I just don’t know how to solve the problem. I mean, if it stumps “Unknowable,” what chance have I got?

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  1. Sometimes it seems that my comment hasn’t posted, but when I come back later, there it is. It must go through some kind of monitoring or delaying process, maybe if I’ve posted too often in a given amount of time. Or something.

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