Biden’s… ‘Surge’? Really?


Shaking hands with his greatest supporter

Just last month SloJo’s approval rating was in the tank, hovering around 35%. Now it has suddenly surged to a comfy 47%–thanks to what calls “a recent stretch of accomplishments” (

Huh? What? Did a parallel universe just scoot past me? What accomplishments? Can anybody name one?

Well, sure–just lie! There is no inflation. Our border is secure. Gas prices are tolerable. No spike in the crime rate. Nobody turning the FBI into a partisan goon squad.

And we’ve got these weird polls (Rasmussen, for one) claiming that everything looks hunky-dory for the Democrats and they’ll win in November, keeping their stranglehold on America and pushing transgender to their hearts’ content, etc. And various media sages warning that the Republican leadership doesn’t really want to win and would be more comfortable losing–and it’s not the first time I’ve heard that.

Our politics is getting increasingly mysterious.

God help us. Pray harder. He might deliver us.


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  1. What next, for pete’s sake? I am still working to see if my replies make it, and so far, only one has. sighhhh

  2. Once again, I have to note that sometimes the comments don’t show up immediately but do show up after a while. It may have something to do with Lee having to “approve” comments, i.e., the comments are held pending approval. Is that likely, Lee?

    1. Jill changed it so that regular readers’ comments (like yours) are approved automatically, without my having to approve them. Here at my end, that seems to be working. Like I said, “seems.”

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