Zoo Wants Your Cardboard Boxes

Roger Williams Park Zoo asks for cardboard boxes for big cats | WJAR

A snow leopard (I think) delves into his fascinating cardboard box.

The Roger Williams Park Zoo, in Rhode Island, is reaching out in the social media for cardboard boxes.

No, it’s not for eccentric human beings. It’s for the big cats (https://turnto10.com/news/local/roger-williams-park-zoo-asks-for-cardboard-boxes-for-big-cats). It turns out lions and tigers and panthers like cardboard boxes just as much as our domestic kitties do.They can turn ’em into confetti pretty quick, though, so they’ll need a steady supply of cardboard boxes.

I wonder if jaguars like squeaky-toys.

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  1. I have seen videos of big cats, including tigers, having a great time, playing with cardboard boxes and shredding cardboard seems to be especially attractive to felines. I’m glad to see something like this happeneing, because it fosters a spirit of cooperation. Besides that, knowing that a cat, even a big cat, is having fun, warms my heart.

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