Some Gobbledygook You’re Bound to Hear

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One more week to Labor Day–and then in the nooze media it’ll be all politics, all the time.

Here is some of the twaddle you’re likely to hear.

*”With me in office the crime rate didn’t increase as much as it did last month! It only increased a bit, well short of 50%. We are very far from everybody being a criminal!”

*”We brought gas prices down!” (By doubling them to over $5 a gallon, then shaving off a few pennies to bring it under $5. Magic!) [P.S.–They’re actually using this one.]

*”Your FBI is not a Democrat goon squad!” Tell us another.

*”Only we can protect you from monkeypox!” Or whatever other germ happens to be in vogue. Cough up those freedoms, everybody.

*”We only hired 87,000 new IRS agents to serve you better!”

*”Vote-by-Mail is a completely honest and reliable system.”

Oops, I have to stop. I am informed that that last one actually caused several readers to fall out of their chairs.



7 comments on “Some Gobbledygook You’re Bound to Hear

    1. And perhaps that it the point. The level of corruption is being revealed, worldwide.

  1. And yet it amazes me how many people continue to believe the lies, even when the current lies contradict the previous lies (which they also believed), which in turn contradicted the lies before those …. and rinse and repeat.

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