‘” Do You Want to Live FOREVER?”‘ (2017)

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What’s this little guy gonna do with immortality?

Hot dog! They revived 10 % of the zebra fish embryos that they cryogenically froze, and supposedly the little fish are doing fine–and Science brings us one step closer to living FOREVER!

‘Do You Want to Live FOREVER?’

Hum, baby–if you think class warfare’s intense now, wait’ll they make it so rich people will live forever while everybody else dies.

But the science is some 2,000 years behind the times. Jesus Christ has already won immortality for us. We have to take Him on faith: but if you don’t think you’re already taking Science and Government and Education etc. on faith… you haven’t been paying much attention.

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  1. If I’m going to live forever, I’d rather do it in Heaven than in this flawed world. Besides, freezing and thawing people doesn’t really create more conscious living, nor does it make a person young again. (Remember Tithonus?) So either they start us from scratch (frozen individual cells) — in which case is it really myself that’s been “revived,” or something without my experiences and memories? — or they keep knocking us out and bringing us back, in which case we can’t be said to “live” any longer, just to occupy space longer without any real life. Feh. Who needs it? I got a better deal from Jesus Christ.

    1. Oh, pshaw! Science will get all the bugs out, you’ll see! And Science will give us another 400 years of Nancy Pelosi!

  2. Satan claimed that mankind could live forever, apart from God. It didn’t work, and neither will this scheme.

  3. If people can’t even get computer programs to work properly, what do they think they are able to do about life.

    1. What a thought! Your immortality depends on the WordPress engineers. Oops! They brought me back as Joe Biden’s conscience…

    2. Absolutely. We are seeing unintended consequences running rampant in the tech world. I make my living, in great part, dealing with these sorts of problems.

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