Wokies Get Swamped in Florida School Board Elections

Red Wave: Florida Flips Multiple ‘Woke’ School Boards from Liberal to Conservative

All the numbers aren’t in yet, but sane and decent people in Florida are already celebrating “massive victories” by conservatives in yesterday’s school board elections.

And just a little while ago, various board members were bragging about being Woke and being able, as school board members, to “work from the inside.”

Not anymore, sunshine. Go peddle your grooming and your Critical Race Theory and your transgender lessons somewhere else. And take your stupid pronouns with you.

There is, though, something that we should be planning how to deal with.

A couple more shellackings like this, and you’ll see money by the truckload being poured into local school board elections to get Far Left weirdos elected. We need a contingency plan for when that happens.

We must also bear in mind that conservative local school boards will be very much the underdog in dealing with education bureaucrats and Far Left teachers’ unions.

The best bet will still be to remove children from the public schools until the system collapses.

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  1. well, I thought maybe things had straightened out on this situation, but I see it is just like tomorrow. Without a good night’s sleep, I am not much good this morning either. I am hoping my genius grandson can figure this out.

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