Teaching Kids to be Racists

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What do you suppose the kiddies are learning from this lesson?

Officials (aka morons) at Centennial Elementary School, in Washington, set up an “affinity group” (give me a break) solely for 5th-graders who are not white (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2023/02/elementary-school-starts-student-club-excludes-white-kids/). Yep, it’s for “BIPOC” kids only. According to the school principal.

Do libs speak English anymore? “Affinity group” means “club,” apparently. Where kids can “hang out,” say administrators, during lunch time. It will be a “safe space” for them! Apparently they are not safe when mixing socially with white kids. BIPOC gotta be with BIPOCs.

I thought racial segregation was against the law. Oh, wait–not if liberals do it. Non-white persons are incapable of living their own lives, white libs gotta lead ’em over the crosswalk.

If you still want your kids “educated” by these characters–boy, are you a chucklehead.

“Grandpa, how did America collapse?”

“It was done to us by our public schools and colleges, kid…”

Lawsuit Challenges Anti-White Teachers’ Contract

Scenes from the frontlines of the Minneapolis teachers ...

“The Heart of the Community”… God forbid

Well, that didn’t take long, did it? Minneapolis signs a flagrantly racist teachers’ contract–white teachers fired first, re-hired last, “Educators of Color” get all the breaks–and now it’s going to court (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/08/lawsuit-filed-minneapolis-teachers-union-contract-stipulating-white-teachers-laid-off-first/).

Why did the school board sign that contract? Because the “teachers” went on strike and wouldn’t come back to work unless the board caved in to their demands. Someday some school district ought to just let the teachers strike and be damned.

Now, if this policy is not boisterously, overtly, in-your-face racist, then what is? If the same thing were done in favor of white teachers, the libs and noozies would be screaming bloody murder and calling for prosecutions. But “Educators Of Color” have to be coddled and protected, don’tcha know.

Why? Well obviously to punish Whitey for things done by other people in the past. And to make white liberals feel righteous. Many people have to pay so that libs can look in a mirror and smirk.

Quick question: Do I still get fired first and re-hired last if I identify as an Educator Of Color? And if they refuse to Affirm my identity, that makes them Haters–right? And I get several million dollars–right? (What? You’ve hard all this before?)

This is probably on its way to the Supreme Court.

Denver School: ‘Disrupt the Nuclear Family’

When did this stop being segregation?

We must be some special kind of stupid, allowing our children to be “educated” by Far Left racists and wackos, and paying them a fortune in taxes to do it.

An elementary school in Denver has announced a “Black Lives Matter Week of Action,” Jan. 31-Feb. 4, in which children in kindergarten and first grade will be taught to “disrupt the nuclear family” by being “trans- and queer-affirming” (https://dailycaller.com/2022/01/21/elementary-school-to-hold-blm-event-teaching-kindergarten-first-graders-to-disrupt-the-nuclear-family-recognize-trans-antagonistic-violence/).

Are we out of our ever-lovin’ minds, letting our kids be “taught” this stuff?

Oh–and they’ve got playground time reserved for “families of color.” I remember when they used to call that “segregation.” How come it’s okay now? They’ll also teach “globalism.” As a way back to “the collective village.” Do you believe this schiff?

Public education is killing us. It’s poisoning our country, undermining our society. What’s done in Denver can–and will!–be done in your city, your town.

If we really put our minds to it, and tried really, really hard, I doubt we could ever come up with any alternative worse than public schooling.

No, You Can’t Have Any of My Money

Divide and Rule

Have a swig of Critical Race Theory while you’re here!

What do you get when you donate money to your ol’ alma mater? Well, let me tell you what I’d get, if I ever shelled out to Rutgers University.

An associate professor of women’s, gender, and “Africana” studies at Rutgers, making a six-figure salary (yeesh! what do they pay a full professor?), recently launched into a frothing-at-the-mouth rant against white people: “We gotta take these M[censored]s out!” she declared. ‘Cause white people “are committed to being villains” (https://www.campusreform.org/article?id=18318).

A Word of Caution: The Democrat Party wants whites and blacks to hate and fear each other. That way they get to divide and rule. It also pleasures their corrupted souls. We must resist the extremely powerful temptation to answer this very highly-paid associate professor in kind.

But we don’t ever again have to contribute one red cent to any college. Certainly not to Rutgers. (They used to phone me pretty often, begging for bucks, but they haven’t done it in a while. Maybe some of my answers discouraged them.) Nor do we have to send our children there to have their minds warped by rabid racial hate artists like this associate professor with her six-figure salary.

Remember! The Democrat Party does not want us living in peace and harmony and good will with one another. They do everything in their power to subvert it.

No more money for the universities. It’s time for them to go.

James Madison U. ‘Pauses’ Critical Race Theory Training

They call it “a college education.”

You’d almost think we were living in a science fiction movie, in which alien invaders take over our education system (if that’s what you want to call it), dividing students into Good Guys and Bad Guys on the basis of their skin color and demanding that they remake the United States into a hell-hole of racial animosity.

But that’s just what they tried to do at James Madison University, Virginia.

And now they’re “pausing” it because somebody leaked a training video and the public hit the ceiling over it, and hard questions are being asked in the state legislature (https://www.thecollegefix.com/james-madison-u-announces-pause-on-staff-training-that-labels-christian-males-oppressors/).

The leaked video showed charts which divided students into “Privileged” and “Oppressed” categories, based mostly on race. Oh–and all white males are “oppressors.”

Students were being forced to watch this drivel. Now it’s “paused”… because the school got caught.

Why do we allow this? Families pay a fortune for their children’s college education–and this is what they get? Hypocritical race theory! Shoved down their throats by the biggest racists in the world.

Public education, Hollywood, our Free & Independent Nooze Media, Big Tech–these America-hating mutants have taken over all our institutions.

It has to stop. They’re wrecking our country and it has to stop.

Meanwhile, James Madison is spinning in his grave. But don’t worry, Mr. President. Eventually they’ll decide you were a racist, your Constitution sucks, and they’ll rename the school after Fidel Castro.

Gee, We Don’t Like BLM Anymore

Even with large crowds and extreme heat, a peaceful 9th day of George Floyd  protests in DC | WTOP

Net approval for [Only] Black Lives Matter has decreased 92% during the past year and bottomed out–maybe–at 2% (https://www.westernjournal.com/blm-approval-craters-just-2-dropped-whopping-92-since-2020-peak/).

The findings are from a survey by “Civiqs” which asked, “Do you support or oppose the BLM movement?”

So after a year of rioting, crime, lies, and hypocrisy–the Marxists who founded this group are living very high on the hog–BLM has forfeited just about all the good will generated by the name, “Black Lives Matter”: like if you oppose them in any way, you must believe black lives don’t matter. No virtue-signaling, college-trained, useful idiot white liberal would ever risk that.

By and large, the survey found that Democrats–of course–are still in love with the rioters of BLM. The loss of support comes mostly from Independents.

Damn! And our Free & Independent Nooze Media tried so hard to keep ’em popular!

Is it time for the Left to switch back over to Climbit Chainge?

Are These People Quite All There?

See the source image

If you don’t like her Green New Deal, you must be a racist!

Have Democrats lost their minds?

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, a big chunk of Democrats, 32 percent of ’em, assert that it’s “racist for any white politician to criticize the political views of a politician of color” (https://www.breitbart.com/the-media/2019/07/17/nolte-poll-shows-media-attack-on-trump-squad-tweets-backfired/).

So, if a politician Of Color–do we need a trumpet fanfare for those two words?–stands up in the House of Representatives and says “Repeal the First Amendment,” it would be “racist” for any “white” politician to take issue with that bizarre statement? Thirty-two percent of Democrats say yes, it would.

And that’s only the 32 percent who aren’t afraid to expose themselves as dyed in the wool idiots.

Sorry, but this party has to go: the Democrat Party needs to be over.

Shame on America’s voters if that party survives the next election.

Yale Prof Hates White Men, Loves Soviet Union

Image result for images of soviet union workers paradise

We miss you, Uncle Joe!

I know–this is sort of like reporting that the Pope is Catholic.

A Yale professor declared, “Life was better under the Soviets” and that “everybody” she knows, who came to America from former communist countries, found our “neo-capitalist” system “inhuman,” blah-blah-blah (https://www.campusreform.org/?ID=13431).

She was just getting warmed up. She went on to proclaim “Whiteness is terrorism,” white men “have no awareness of others,” and should all be sent to “re-education” camps (because that will stop gun violence, don’t you know). Feel the love.

What do you want to bet none of the social media ever bans or censors this venom-spitting racist jerk?

Defund the universities now! What sense does it make to use public money to raise up a generation that hates our country and wants to turn it into a communist hell-hole?

That jidrool at Yale is doing it on your dime, people.