Michigan Court Disenfranchises Dead Voters!

Hand reaching from the grave Royalty Free Vector Image

Groping for the ballot!

Incredible! The court won’t let the Michigan secretary of state, a Democrat, keep 26,000 dead people on the voter rolls (https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2022/08/25/court-rejects-democrat-officials-attempt-keep-26k-dead-people-michigan-voter-rolls/).

I would love to know what argument she offered for keeping the dead registered as voters! But we can only guess what it might have been.

*They might come back to life in time for the elections.

*Stopping the dead from voting is un-Democratic.

*They might only be pretending to be dead. Some people are like that.

*It’s not like we asked to let Martians vote!

*Striking the dead from the rolls stereotypes them as non-intersectional cisexistent kielbasi super-binary palookas.

*Letting dead people vote for Democrats makes up for historical injustices!

*You are a racist!

I don’t know which of these arguments was used… but whatever it was, it didn’t work.

7 comments on “Michigan Court Disenfranchises Dead Voters!

  1. I thought for sure the non-intersectional super-binary palookas stereotype argument would win. Especially with the kielbasa claim added to it.

  2. Well, at least most of my replies seem to be appearing today, although I have to make a few different clicks and changes to make it happen. This one on dead voters, shows that they are still on track with their efforts to win at any cost. Costs don’t seem to bother them anyway.

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