You Ol’ Racist, You!

Comedian Terrence Williams decided to launch a new brand of pancake mix–with his picture on the package. Well! This is Racism, dontcha know! And it has earned him a 90-day suspension from Facebook (

Does he look like a white supremacist to you?

He isn’t taking it lying down. The suspension, he says, “has everything to do with me being MAGA.” Well, heck–supporting Donald Trump? As SloJo Biden has said, if you do that, “You ain’t black.”

I feel a sudden desire to buy Cousin T’s Pancake Mix.

7 comments on “You Ol’ Racist, You!

  1. Lets buy it, ask for it, refuse to substitute another brand, keep hounding them about it until they have to stock it or else.

  2. I’m thinking of buying some myself. I would buy Aunt Jemima’s mix as well as Uncle Ben’s rice products because they both were excellent products and w knew I wouldn’t be disappointed in buying them. I’m so sick of hearing that we’re racist when we are not.

  3. So a black man puts his picture on the box of a product he developed, and somehow that is racist? Doesn’t he have to right to put his own image on his product? I don’t know anything about him, but he looks like a pleasant fellow, and I wish him the best.

    1. He’s a dreadful MAGA Republican which makes him another Public Enemy Number One like the rest of us. He has some hilarious videos.

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