This’ll Work! Underground Solar Panels!

The solar panel toxic waste problem - CFACT

They’ll be even better underground!

Is there anybody in SloJo Biden’s traveling freak show who’s not an idiot, a villain, or both?

Discussing energy policy with the “president” who’d just labeled at least half the country’s population “a threat to our democracy,” the Commerce Secretary came up with a brilliant idea: “We’re going to do solar installations on an industrial scale for abandoned coal mines.” She did not specify how they would install thousands of solar panels on abandoned coal mines. If you store them on top of the mines, well, you don’t need abandoned coal mines for that, you can do that anywhere. So is she proposing to set up the solar installations underground? Like, in the mines?

It’ll be part of their, ahem, “American Rescue Plan.”

So far the only thing they’re rescuing us from is sanity.

Oh, yes–the coal mines will be abandoned because we won’t use fossil fuel anymore, Green New Deal, y’know. We will meet all our energy needs by burning money.

Maybe we should make new coal mines on top of the ground, if we’re going to put the solar panels underground.

P.S.–I have just read that used-up solar panels constitute an enormous toxic waste disposal problem.

I don’t think they’ve thought this through. Do you?

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  1. And most countries are expanding coal mines (Europe, China, etc……all part of the plan to take down the usa. Just like installing the unelected slojo, making a mockery of us.

  2. Wind turbines and solar panels on a large scale are a stupid idea and very harmful in the long run – plus China would then be in charge of our electric grid, and you know those EVs can be shut down at any time from a distant power center. This satire is so good, Lee, you might want to incorporate it into some of your NewWithViews article.

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