Irish Teacher Jailed (!) for ‘Wrong Pronouns’

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Remember when you had to commit a crime, to go to prison? Rob a store in New York or San Francisco, nothing happens.

But in Ireland now, if you won’t knuckle under and use the “right” pronoun–the transgender-affirming pronoun–for that you’ll go to prison. Which is where teacher Enoch Burke is now (

Not calling a boy a girl, or a girl a boy, because they demand it; using “he” or “she” for the gender-neutral and totally ungrammatical and stupid impersonal “they”–these got Mr. Burke jail time. He also said, “I will not give up my Christian beliefs.” What? You refuse to sacrifice to the Emperor? To the Colosseum with you! (Yeah, we’ve been here before.)

Is this really how we want to live? Really? Is there any reason we should? Say what they demand you say, or go to prison! Who honestly and truly wants this? Besides Democrats and trannies, I mean.

It’s in Ireland now. It’d be here this afternoon if the Biden Regime had its way. “Lock ’em all up! Everyone but us! Lock ’em up and take their stuff!”

Who wants this?

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