‘You Can’t Defy Reality Forever’ (2019)

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Scott’s polar party: they all died.

Certain episodes of history teach moral lessons. We are fools if we ignore them.

Like this one, for instance:

You Can’t Defy Reality Forever

In 1912, racing to be first to the South Pole, Capt. R.F. Scott did everything wrong: any one of his wrong decisions could have turned out to be fatal. With so many wrong decisions, his party had no chance of coming back alive.

It was as if Scott were trying to wish his way to the pole.

Our world leaders–and their followers!–are guilty of the same. “No more gender! No more inequality! No more hate!” Blah-blah-blah! As if they can shape the world!

No, sunshine, you can’t. You’re not big enough. You’re not wise enough. All you know how to do is screw it up.

Because heck, after all, wow! Anything is better than submitting to God! And obeying His laws.

Or so they think.


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  1. Good one, Lee! I often wonder what the billionaire Tech guys who promote and fund the Democrats really think about wokism? Do they think it is cool to just let people do whatever they want because it doesn’t matter? Maybe they think when the globalist elite take complete control they will then stop all the wokism madness. If they do think that they might want to read Psalm 2.

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