Do We Get to Hear Tucker Carlson?

Phoebe sent us this clip from Rumble. Let’s see if it works.

I won’t know until after I try to publish this. The video is not on YouTube anymore.

Fingers crossed…!

(Looks like it worked! Let me know. Thank you, Phoebe!)

3 comments on “Do We Get to Hear Tucker Carlson?

  1. The video itself didn’t show up, but the link did, and when I clicked on it I got the full show on Rumble. Now I’m going to log off, probably for the rest of the day. It’s turning out to be a very busy week — but not necessarily in a bad way. Meetings, churchy things, lunch out, errands all over the place, and very little time left for the computer.

    1. I lost over an hour seeking help from the Happiness Engineers. The thing with the comments is “a new error” which they don’t yet know how to fix.

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