Now They’re Doing It To All Of Us

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This is getting bad, real bad. The Tucker Carlson video has been pulled from YouTube, and when you try to view it here, where I posted it this morning, all you get is a video of babbling Biden. I went back to YouTube, but now the Carlson broadcast isn’t there.

You can still (as of a minute or two ago!) view it on Citizens Free Press: I recommend going there directly, before they lose it, too.

Tucker Carlson obtains copy of DOJ subpoena…

Meanwhile, I’m having all sorts of problems answering your comments. Due to another WordPress glitch, I can’t read them and reply to them as I normally do on this site. The normal procedure doesn’t work. Wish me godspeed, trying something else!

I don’t know how long WordPress will be crippled. The point is, someone made that Tucker Carlson video go away. And what next? Do I get my door smashed in by the FBI in the middle of the night? They’re not just going after big fish anymore.

Here in the good old USA, we have never been closer to losing our freedom than we are now.


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