This Is Getting Seriously Scary

I don’t normally post videos as long as this one; but we have a political crisis on our hands and Tucker Carlson is one of the few public figures who has even mentioned it. I urge you all to watch the first 20 minutes of his broadcast.

In a few words–the Biden administration is using the Dept. of Justice and the FBI for partisan political purposes. Using them as attack dogs. Using them as bullies and frighteners. And it’s all supposed to trickle down to the grass roots… we’re all “domestic terrorists”–unless we actively support Biden.

So persons who are NOT Bidenistas are now being raided, subpoenaed, accused of crimes, imprisoned for simply being in Washington D.C. on Jan. 6, labeled as “terrorists–”

I mean, holy cow! How did I become a terrorist? Dude, you woke up that day! Biden waves his magic wand and shazzam, you’re a terrorist! And the FBI must deal with you.

How close are we to losing our freedom, and our republic, forever?

What do we have to do to keep it?

Update: YouTube made this video go away, and replaced it with the idiot Biden addressing the unspeakably corrupt United Nations. Birds of a feather.

If you click the link to Rumble, provided in the later post, you’ll be able to see the broadcast after all. Two readers have reported success.


10 comments on “This Is Getting Seriously Scary

  1. It would be troubling indeed if heads of governments of men were what we had to depend upon. Man has never been able to govern himself (or herself) and without the Lord and His control over all things of earth whooo. He is, however, in complete control. I think He would love to hear and see the repentance of all people who are called by HIS name so that He could heal our land.

    1. Let’s just see if the Rumble video is a go. I won’t know whether I can post it until I try.
      This really is getting scary. I wonder how far back in time the plans for this go.

  2. Linda & I watched Tucker last night and were floored by the corruption of the biden DOJ. I don’t know why my Senator, Tom Cotton, is not crying bloody murder about this. I don’t expect my other Senator, John Bozeman, to say anything because he is a Rino.

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