Dem Dope Thinks He’s Jesus

Charlie Crist For Florida Governor Face Fans With Wooden image 1

Good grief (this could give me nightmares)

Ya know how Republicans are always accused of employing way over-the-top campaign rhetoric? Well, they can’t touch the Democrat dindle currently running for governor of Florida, one Charlie Crist.

Crist likens himself to Jesus Christ (Gov. Ron DeSantis is “DeSatan”) and also to the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, who is now a war hero instead of just another name in a bunch of thinly-investigated scandals ( “He (DeSantis) is bad; we’re good,” prattles Charlie.

This oaf thinks all he needs is another “h” in his name and he can be Jesus Christ. It don’t work that way, chuckles.

Last we heard from this witless wonder, he was urging parents not to vote for him if they had “so much hate in their hearts” as to NOT WANT their 6-year-olds groomed for sex by perverted wackos in the teachers’ union… well, then, he doesn’t want their vote!

I don’t think he’s getting it.

6 comments on “Dem Dope Thinks He’s Jesus

  1. Were we not warned in Matthew 24 about such idiocy as this? This crap has been going on in various forms forever. I hope that even the ‘God haters” will reject this madness.

  2. Does he do this because by adding an h to his name you get Christ? It is hard to believe this man used to be Governor of Florida. The Right says he is gay, but the Left says he isn’t – but wait a second, doesn’t the Left think being gay is a good thing?

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