Losing Our Country

FBI Guns Photo Gallery: Firearms Past & Present

Don’t worry, they only shoot conservatives!

They will not stop until they’ve ruined our republic and replaced it with an authoritarian one-party state. By “they” I mean the Democrat Party, the globalist elites, and our home-grown commies in the teachers’ unions and the nooze media.

The redcoats are not just coming, dude. The redcoats are here.

So now they’re using the FBI to intimidate dissenters into submission, using Big Tech to silence all dissent, and using the media to make sure you know what happens to those who get in the way of Progress. Who haven’t they gotten to? I was reading The New York Post this morning and suddenly it turned into The Peking Review, vintage 1967. They’ve got the Post whipped into line.

Note, carefully: There has never been a debate over whether the 2020 election was truly won or truly stolen. Mountains of evidence are out there, but no high court has deigned to look at it. No one has shown the evidence to be false. No one has explained the discrepancies. All we ever get is a big fat “because I said so!” Never any reasons. We have never been given any reason to believe in the integrity of that election. There has never been an open public examination of the evidence.

And since when has it been a criminal offense to be wrong? They want to jail you for “Climate Change Denial.” “Election Denial,” too, if they had their way. Most people are wrong about something, some things, or many things every day of their lives–often without knowing it. Are we all just supposed to shut up and let Joe Biden be the only one in America who’s allowed to be wrong?

Instead of reasons, instead of proof, we get the FBI pouncing on Trump supporters nationwide, invading their homes, confiscating their personal property, and in general behaving just like the gangsters they used to pursue. Only now they’re the gangsters. All they need is more colorful nicknames. Maybe we should have a contest to find the most fitting nickname for Director Christopher Wray. Win a trip to Leavenworth!

Maybe they were always crooks and hooligans, protected by fantastic P.R.

Again I say this: We have never been closer to losing our country than we are now. It has all the earmarks of a coup… and I wonder for how long the Democrats have been planning it.

I will never forgive them for making me think things like that.

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