‘Science to Announce Discovery of Life on Mercury’ (2016)

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A neighborhood on Mercury

Before there were modern computers, there were slide rules; and the guys with the slide rules put men on the moon and brought them home.

Today is not slide rules that power the space program. It’s headlines.

Science to announce discovery of life on Mercury!

It’s only a satire, of course. Government Science would never make a claim that wasn’t true. That would be lying, and scientists and politicians never lie.

5 comments on “‘Science to Announce Discovery of Life on Mercury’ (2016)

  1. Sometimes I wonder whether there’s intelligent life in our universities and government agencies. Yes, yes, I know the article was a spoof, but still….

  2. When I was saved in my junior year of college I then had to unlearn all the propaganda I have been subject to about evolution. What a blessing it was for me to learn committed Christians founded our country and created our inspired Constitution. Remember, September 17th is Constitution Day. The bumper sticker on my work car says “I Love The Constitution.”

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