Now They’re Kicked Off Martha’s Vineyard

The tribe has spoken... You have been voted off the island - Jeff Probst |  Meme Generator

They didn’t have to vote on Martha’s Vineyard–just kicked ’em off.

(Thanks to Phoebe for the nooze tip)

Well, that didn’t take long, did it? Just this morning they called in 125 National Guard troops to take some 50 illegal aliens off the posh Democrat island of Martha’s Vineyard–sorry, campesinos, no sanctuary here (! But don’t worry, we’ll just ship you to some safe place among the plebs. Then you can hunker down and wait for free stuff from the government.

They weren’t on Martha’s Vineyard for a week before they were kicked off the island.

Texas’ Gov. Abbot has been shipping his illegals to New York and Chicago, whose Democrat mayors, after repeatedly declaring that theirs were “sanctuary cities” for the illegals, have been yowling about a “humanitarian crisis” which, of course, is of their own making. Florida’s Gov. DeSantis shipped his to Martha’s Vineyard–a stand-up-and-cheer act which libs and their toadies in the media have denounced as “a political stunt.”

Meanwhile Kamala Babble insists “our border is secure.” What a whopper! The Regime has burst our southern border wide open. They created this crisis. But they want small-town America to pay for it.



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  1. What a great idea! An even better idea, send those illegals back where they came from. And bill the country of origin for the cost of shipping. I have compassion, but for those illegals, I say, come in the legal way, as did millions before.

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