How Much Honey Could Winnie The Pooh Really Eat?

I have to write a Newswithviews column today, and don’t know what to write about. I want to continue writing my book, but yesterday I poured myself into it and now I need a refill. I really need more blog posts, but nothing suggests itself. My wife says I need a vacation. Lots o’ luck with that!

I know what I’ll do. I’ll go pick up our laundry. (Gee, I could skip ahead and write Byron’s TV Listings, but then I’d have a great big hole to fill on Saturday.) With or without ideas, you’ve got to have clean laundry.

There’s a lesson in there, if I could only find it…

I guess I could always go out and threaten our democracy. Anybody up for that?

5 comments on “Stuck!

  1. Hmm, picking up laundry … maybe a column about the laundering of taxpayers’ money? … in Ukraine … in the hospitals … in Afghanistan … in the universities (aka “forgiven” student loans)? … und so weiter?

    1. Iggy is still having some litter box problems but he seems to have his appetite back and hasn’t thrown up today … yet. As for me, thank God the chest pains seem to have gone away, and although I was still feeling crummy this morning, I had a wonderful lunch out with a new sort-of-friend and felt very “up” afterward. I guess I’m still not used to being elderly.

    1. Thanks to the towering defects in our education system, people simply do not know what they’re talking about here. Very few could explain the difference between a democracy and a republic. But I’ll bet everyone in my mother’s generation could.

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