“‘Kansas Isn’t Kansas Anymore, Toto'” (2017)

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In my immortal horror classic, Mind Stealer, I wrote, “The flip side of high technology is ignorance and superstition.” I’ve seen no reason to change my mind about that.

‘Kansas Isn’t Kansas Anymore, Toto…’

We spend more money on “education” than has ever been spent on it in all world history–and what have we got to show for it? And not to pick on Kansas, the other 49 states are just as benighted… thanks to public schools, colleges, and our, um, “entertainment” industry.

Will our civilization go down in history as the one that excelled in making people stupid?

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  1. Yes, and it was all planned out by the marxist in the mid 1800s. Why they start with the young, why the military wants young men, and why the wef has the young global leaders indoctrination program.

  2. I recently read a book by Jonathon Cahn called The Return Of The Gods. I don’t agree with everything that Cahn believes and there are portions of the book that I feel are a bit fanciful, but the overall premise makes a lot of sense. Basically, as society has backed away from worship of the One True God, worship of ancient, false gods, has returned. Cahn gives examples of Baal, Ashtoreth and Molech worship, from the distant past, and shows how these are expressed in our current day.

    We are seeing practices that seem to harken back to old, superstitious ways, and we see the results all around us. A few years ago, I met someone whom was promoting Flat Earth theory, and they became so upset that I wouldn’t agree with them, that person tensed himself, and appeared to be preparing to strike me. That’s pretty weird, if you ask me. These are strange times.

    1. Those kinds of attitudes are also found throughout the whole Christian community. Brother Lee Duigon did a review of one of my books. He didn’t agree with everything, but he didn’t stop his review because of one or two disagreements. For the same book, a Christian scientist also agreed to do a review, but never finished chapter two because of one quote I used from a book that deviated from some doctrine he believed. Funny thing, that quote had nothing to do with that doctrine.

      Those things in Jonathon Cahn’s book that you don’t agree with, are they enough to taint the book so much, that it should be burned? There is probably something in most books I have read that I don’t agree with. But I don’t stop reading because of a few things of disagreement.

    2. In no way shape or form did I intend to advise anyone against reading this book. I recommend it, but with the disclaimer that I do not endorse all of his teachings. I’ve read books written by people with varied viewpoints, and I’ve never found any book, with the exception of the Bible itself, with which I fully agree. You will see a similar disclaimer in virtually any book recommendations I would make, regarding spiritual matters.

  3. Unknowable2, I hope you didn’t think I was advising anyone not to read this book. That does sound like an interesting book to read, and I might just buy a copy. All the books that I have read, like you, there are not many I have found that I agree with fully. But that doesn’t mean I couldn’t recommend it to others.

    I published my first book over 20 years ago. And as I have grown in wisdom and knowledge of God’s word, I have found a few things written in that book I no longer agree with!

    1. Cahn makes some great points in the book, and I agree with the basic premise that in the absence of worship of the One True God, people are being lured back into worship of false gods. In my opinion, the forces for evil in the spirit realm have been very consistent, over the millennia, and there’s no reason to believe that they will stop their work now.

      The America I was born into was much more influenced by Christianity than it is today, and that was a bulwark against much of the evil in the world. As a nation, we’ve lost much of that.

    2. That being the case, you should send me lots of money, ‘cause I’m a walking contradiction. 🙂

      In all seriousness, I’ve tried to live my life according to the Bible, as I understand it. But my understanding of the Bible is an ever changing, ever growing thing. When I was in my teens, I was very interested in the Bible, and had studied a great deal. Fifty years later, my understanding of the Bible has changed, but the principles remain without change. In those fifty years, I’ve had to adjust my thinking, from time to time.

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