You STILL Support Public Education?

LGBTQIA2S+ Safe Educator Badge — Gender Inclusive Schools

Yowsah, yowsah! Make sure your child’s “teacher” wears an “Affirming Educator” Badge… which “sends the message to your [the teacher’s] school community that you are a total moral imbecile–oops: that should read ‘trusted educator and ally’.” And hey! Isn’t that the Gay Pride/Trans Pride flag?

They’re not mandatory yet (!), so teachers have to buy ’em, at $5.40 to $9.00 each. Affirm every sexual aberration you can think of! And probably some you haven’t thought of yet.

Aw, hell, they don’t really have to be mandatory, do they? The teachers who wear ’em will make life intolerable for those who don’t. Remember! It isn’t bullying or harrassment when Social Justice warriors do it!

So… do you jump into this tar pit with the teachers’ unions? Or just toss your children to them? Any which way you choose, you’re still paying for these schools–teacher pensions and all.

Has our whole civilization gone positively senile? Is there any hope for us to snap out of this insanity?

Pray hard. Then pray harder.



5 comments on “You STILL Support Public Education?

  1. And yet in most schools teachers are forbidden to wear political or religious signs — except the leftist and perverted (but I repeat myself) ones they’re bullied into wearing. I’d like to see someone from this school wear a cross or a MAGA pin and then sue the school for discriminatory treatment if the symbol is banned.

  2. I know several parents who think other public schools have gone bad, but that theirs is good, often because they themselves went to that school when they were kids, and they turned out okay.

  3. A lot of parents just stick their heads in the ground, they don’t seem to care. Even many Christian parents don’t seem to understand or don’t want to.

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