‘Equality Minister’ Defends Adults Having Sex With Children

All new laws must be feminist, says Spain's hard-Left equalities minister

She also says “All new laws must be feminist,” but that’s another story.

It’s not just our country that’s governed by moral imbeciles.

Spain’s “equality minister”–if your state or country has one, you’re paying too much tax–has publicly declared, and we quote, that children “have the right to know that they can love or have sexual relations with anyone they want” (https://www.outono.net/elentir/2022/09/22/a-spanish-minister-says-children-can-have-sexual-relations-with-whoever-they-want/).

Well, heck, as long as the six-year-old consents…

And you know Democrats are seeing this and drooling with envy. “That’s what we need! Yeah! A minister of equality!”

And the fallen world keeps falling.

7 comments on “‘Equality Minister’ Defends Adults Having Sex With Children

  1. I just can’t imagine anyone thinking that children, given such a choice, would be safe from being sexually exploited by adults. It would be all but inevitable that adults with such a proclivity would a make the most of such an opportunity.

    Some years ago, I knew someone that was sexually exploited as a child. This was a lovely person, and someone I felt was as good-hearted as anyone I had ever met, but she suffered greatly from the events of her childhood. Eventually, the mental trauma worked to hasten her death. The effects of sexual exploitation can be very serious.

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