‘Hooray! “Gay Caveman” Discovered!’ (2015)

Science marches on!

They’d sell their mothers to the vivisectionist if they thought that’d get them the “gay gene” they’ve been searching for so frantically. But in the meantime, this will have to do:

Hooray! ‘Gay Caveman’ Discovered!

Even allowing the, uh, “discovery” to be real, how do they know this poor caveman was “buried as a woman”? Someone leave behind a book of funeral customs from umpteen thousand years ago? And maybe a fashion catalog to go with it.

They don’t know anything.

This just want this “gay” thing to be true: want it so badly, it keeps them awake at night.

I’d rather not ask why.

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    1. The human race hasn’t changed, since the fall of mankind. Ignoring that key point about the state of humanity pretty much is bound to mislead one’s conclusions.

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