Today’s Most Disgusting Nooze Story


Oh, boy, comic books and politics! I just knew they’d come together someday.

Big Comix (Marvel) and Big Pharma (Pfizer) have teamed up to promote COVID shots for all the kiddies ( And make sure, boys ‘n’ girls, that you get every booster shot that Pfizer can invent!

And why should you do this? Why get all those Jabs?

Because… oh, you’re gonna love this! Because…

Submitting to the shots makes you an “Everyday Hero”! It says so in a brand new Marvel comic book, in which “the Avengers” go all out for the vaccines–never mind the doubt, the controversy, the debate, or anything else that the statists at Big Tech try to censor into silence.

Look at the big twollop in the picture, showing off his band-aid where he got The Jab. He’s an Everyday Hero now! Fantastically obnoxious, too.

That’s almost as good as being a Marvel super-hero.

Honestly, you can hardly keep your breakfast down…

Yes, any kid, any poor schlub, can be an Everyday Hero! All you have to do is get The Jab!

And if it winds up making you sterile, or killing you… blame MAGA Republicans. Joe Biden does.

8 comments on “Today’s Most Disgusting Nooze Story

  1. “Most disgusting” these days is hard to pick because most of them are so disgusting in so many ways. It might be easier to choose a “least disgusting.” Or create subcategories of disgustingness.

  2. DC and Marvel Comics have been lost causes for a very long time. There’s a YouTuber by the name of The Fourth Age who does a very good analysis of how the titles have been infiltrated by the woke and perverted to push all kinds of liberal propaganda on their audiences, including having the “heroes” act in villainous actions and then try to justify it. Their latest push is to have the straight heroes come out as bi-sexual or gay.

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