‘The Hatchery of Stalinism’ (2015)

Congress asks CPI(M) to remove Joseph Stalin pictures from its offices

“They never gave communism a chance to show what it can do!” –Every Academic Chowderhead in America

When I wrote this essay, the administration of President *Batteries Not Included was trying to thrust “monitors” into America’s newsrooms to make sure the nooze came out the way they wanted. Only a loud public outcry stopped this mischief. Do you remember?

But our “institutions of higher learning”–sardonic laughter was invented just for this–are still heavily invested in wiping out free speech. Look how awful they were seven years ago.

The Hatchery of Stalinism

Leftids always think they’ll be the only ones who still have freedom, once their new Stalin takes over. They keep on thinking it until he has them shot.

How much are you paying to have your child “taught” by Far Left Wackos with grey ponytails?

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  1. What I found astounding is that people tolerate the folly of these people. There’s in the neighborhood who is an absolute wacko. He takes offense at pleasantries and makes idle threats. But no one pays him any attention. We all know he’s an idiot, and we know that paying him heed just serves to reward his ranting, so we ignore him.

    The age in which we live gives pretty much anyone a platform, but we don’t have to pay attention to everyone.

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