‘”Save Our Democracy”‘ (2018)

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God forbid

They taught Civics when my mother went to school. Kids were expected to learn how the country was supposed to work.

Now they teach what we could justly call “anti-civics”–heaped-up piles of pure crapola, mostly based on Democrat slogans, none of which venture anywhere near truth.

‘Save Our Democracy’

“Save our democracy” was a big slogan in the 2018 midterm elections and will be even bigger this time out, with their so-called president barking and hooting it. The fact that we do not have a “democracy,” that by law we have a republic, has never registered with Democrats.

Could we please not elect these people anymore? Haven’t they done enough damage to America? Why in the world would anyone want to see more?

5 comments on “‘”Save Our Democracy”‘ (2018)

  1. One way they can “save democracy” is by not cheating the voters (the demos) out of their votes by flooding the system with fake(d) ballots.

    I read your NwV article earlier this morning. Great article! But I won’t be around much today. Feeling under the weather — a couple of dizzy spells yesterday, bad night with Iggy last night (he seems okay this morning), and I’m also hauling around boxes of candles at church every morning this week and next to help out one of the sacristans who has an injured foot. I’m dragged out — and I still have errands to run this afternoon through Tuesday.

  2. They say the early voting is bigger than 2020 – is that a good thing or a bad one? Alexis de Tocqueville observed in his travels of America in the early 1800’s that if someone didn’t know how the gov’t worked and wasn’t involved in the issues of the day they were an exception.

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