‘What Are We Getting Out of This?’ (2018)

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Two years into an insane excuse for a “presidency,” I ask again: What in the world are we getting out of this?

Not much!

What Are We Getting Out of This?

Our country is supposed to be a republic, and we’re supposed to be citizens, not slaves. We own this country and its institutions. We pay for it! How, then, do we wind up with non-existent borders, a nooze media that pukes on our shoes, and an FBI spying on parents for objecting to non-stop race-baiting as their local school board’s go-to policy? Just to name a few…

I really, truly don’t understand how we ever wound up in Woke-land.

Somehow we need to make it stop.


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  1. It’s called communism (what Trump is now calling it) which comes in all kinds of isms. It is the “king of the hill” syndrome where the strongest (richest) dominate the weak, those without power. Power is the name of the game. Mao said it comes out of the barrel of a gun. Gov’t power is the golden key. As Mr. Rothschild said, “He who has the money makes the rules.”

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