‘Out-of-Place Artifacts’ (Cool!)

Mysterious iron pipes: go figure.

I’m tired, and there’s so much politics out there today, it’s making me dizzy. Maybe it’s getting to you, too. So here’s a break.

‘Out-of-Place Artifacts, “Ooparts” for short, have been puzzling scholars and scientists for years. Are they just quirks produced by nature–or do they push back human history by thousands or even millions of years? Were there advanced civilizations on the earth that have left only these little scraps behind?


Some of these have been kicking around for years: light bulbs (so it seems) in ancient Egypt, batteries (so it seems) from ancient Babylonia, medieval maps showing Antarctica as ice-free–these have yet to be explained.

Others I’d never heard of till now: the “Great Wall of Texas,” what appears to be a rock structure, some 400,000 years old; broken pipes from China (where’s a plumber when you need one?), said to be 150,000 years old; an ancient nuclear reactor; and more, quite a bit more.

Are we sure we know what we think we know?

The Bible tells us there was civilization before the Flood. Maybe this stuff is all that’s left of it. I think we can view the supposed ages of these Ooparts as just guesswork. Maybe they aren’t man-made artifacts at all. Nobody seems to know quite what they are.

We are told it took mankind tens of thousands of years to begin civilization. We are not told why it took so long, or how it ever got started at all.

We do have a lot to learn.


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  1. These things are fascinating. I’m toying with the idea that God placed the artifacts there so we wouldn’t puff ourselves up as know-it-alls. If that’s what He did, I’m afraid it didn’t work too well. (Yes, this whole comment has been tongue-in-cheek. But then again … who knows?) 🙂

    1. If, for instance, the Piri Reis map that shows Antarctica is a fraud… what conceivable reason could anyone have had, 500 years ago, for creating such a fraud?

  2. The oldest civilization was in the area of the twin rivers and very advanced (of course it was because soon after the Flood). The earth is only about 10,000 years old by way of the genealogy accounts (which makes God so personal – a 1,000 years is as one day). They have found evidence that Antarctica has large forests under all that ice. Man knows so little about the earth and its history compared to how much there is to know.

  3. There are no “Out-of-Place Artifacts (ooparts), for Scripture gives the true account of history. I spend a great deal of time in my book dealing with this. It is only puzzling to scholars and scientists and others who believe the evolutionary historians, yeah, then those ooparts are out of place. Here is just a bit of this discussion from Chapter 12 of my book “Reindeer Don’t Fly”.

    “Evolutionary historians typically use periodization, which is a way to divide human prehistory using the three-age system of the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, and the Iron Age. These categories are further sub-divided into other defined eras. Those who use this philosophy to study ancient history are building upon a faulty foundation and premise, an erroneous and fallacious religion: evolutionism. Therefore, most of their assumptions, postulations, conjectures, and dates will always be erroneous. They believe man has risen from non-human brutes with a simple, unsophisticated, or primitive culture; no matter what evidence, artifacts, or relics are found, they will always hammer, batter, adapt, and mold those remnants to fit within pliable pre-existing evolutionary timelines and history. Those ignorant “historians” never take into account the greatest catastrophe that has ever befallen this planet, the flood in Noah’s day. Thus, any supposed history that does not give credit to this upheaval will always be very wide of the mark. There is a great store of historical information that confirms the accuracy of the post-flood Table of Nations listed primarily in the tenth and eleventh chapters of the Book of Genesis. Genesis is an historical document of astonishing reliability concerning the post-flood history of this Earth. Ultimately, it is the single most accurate ancient genealogical document known to man.”

    1. I don’t think it’s wrong to speculate that civilization began earlier than “scholars” think it did. Someone was doing all the sinning that moved God to bring the Flood.

  4. We don’t have to speculate, we know that civilization began right after Adam and Eve left the Garden. These two people had IQs that topped the scale of anyone living today. Their descendants had probably developed a high grade of technology by the time the flood had arrived, which we still haven’t thought of.

    There are tens of thousands, maybe millions of huge stone cut blocks that pave the way around the pyramids, and that form the many passageways in them, and so forth. The seams between the blocks are so precise, even cameras are barely able to pick up the seam, and they are probably watertight. The Egyptians did not cut those with stone or brass chisels! I worked with metal, to very close tolerances, and understand that even a slight blemish or small imperfection would leave a gap between matting parts. What kind of technology did they have, it would have been very very high-tech to cut just one stone block with that kind of precision. And if one side is off just a bit, the matting block will not be square. And every side on those blocks are square. And many of these stone blocks weigh many tons!

    These folks who lived in the past, close to the time Noah lived, still had much of the technology that was used before the flood, which Noah took with him into the Ark, and still had when he and his sons disembarked from the Ark. In time, much of it was lost, and what we have today, is probably primitive compared to what Noah and those living during his lifetime had available before the flood.

    1. The Flood was the first destruction of the civilization Adam and Eve founded. Later, the Tower of Babel was a major disruption.

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