‘Bronze Age New York’ Discovered in Israel

A general view of a temple complex at the archaeological site of En Esur (Ein Asawir) where a 5000-year-old city was uncovered, near the Israeli town of Harish

And just yards away, a modern highway… Wow!

Just as they were about to build another highway, they had to change their plans–because in the place where the road was going to run, they found what the Israel Antiquities Authority calls “an immense urban construction, planned with streets that separate neighborhoods and public spaces” (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7543517/Israel-unveils-remains-5-000-year-old-city.html).


They estimate the city, described as “a Bronze Age New York” and one of the biggest urban centers in the Middle East at the time, to be some 5,000 years old, with 6,000 inhabitants on 161 acres. The site, called En Esur, came complete with “fortifications, temple, [and] a cemetery.”

Fortifications? It’d be very interesting to know whom they had to fortify their city against. Egyptians? Bedouin raiders? And don’t forget the climate of the region was much less arid, thousands of years ago.

Large numbers of assorted figurines have been recovered from the site–but no inscriptions yet.

Even cooler, En Esur was built on top of an older settlement from 7,000 years ago.

The origins of civilization is a subject that fascinates me. To what heights had it climbed, before the Flood? What was lost–by way of technology, political theory, scientific doctrine, literature–when God confounded human language at the Tower of Babel? Why do advanced civilizations (Egypt, Mesopotamia, China, India, Norte Chico in Peru) seem to spring up at the same time, in very widely separated places?

Who were these folks at En Esur? Where had they come from, how did they build their city–and of whom were they afraid?

Keep looking for inscriptions!

The Birth of Civilization

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How did civilization start? Professors of Nothing Studies at Fimbo University think they know.

“Originally,” says department head Hugh Betcha, Ph. D., “all human beings were transgendered. That goes hand in glove with the highest levels of civilization, just as we see today. So it was that, 300 million years ago, the world’s first human civilization was populated entirely by the transgendered persons who had invented it.”

What is the evidence for this?

“Physical evidence has not survived,” says the professor, “but we can interpolate current socioeconomic trends and sort of ‘reverse-engineer’ our lost history. We also find non-physical evidence in the myths and legends of the Tasaday, the Stone Age tribe in the Philippines that has remained pure and untouched by the rest of the world for 50 million years.

“Finally, if you’re as smart as we are and you concentrate real, real hard, you will eventually intuit accurate visions of the great Transgender Age. All that ‘Male and Female’ stuff didn’t come along until much, much later–a mere 250 years ago! And it was invented by capitalists, so you know it’s bad.”

A bachelor’s degree in Nothing Studies from Fimbo University takes a mere 32 semesters to acquire, at an average cost of $30,000 per semester. “But don’t worry about the cost!” says Professor Betcha. “After all, you can always get a student loan!”

‘An Archaeological Enigma: Potbelly Hill’ (2013)

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I like to re-post this item now and then because it’s so interesting–and so challenging to the Stupid Caveman model espoused by evolution-sellers.


Let’s see a bunch of Gender Studies majors build something.

So Noah Had a Cell Phone?

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I wonder if this science is settled.

A professor in the Marine Sciences faculty at Istanbul University recently appeared on Turkish public television and asserted, in a lecture, that Noah and his family “must have had mobile phones” on the Ark–which, by the way, he said was made of steel, not gopher wood, and nuclear-powered (http://www.wnd.com/2018/01/noah-had-a-cell-phone-during-bible-flood-prof-claims/). Just in case you were wondering if only Western scientists are daft.

The prof surmised that the technology of the antediluvian world was quite advanced.

Well, okay, we can reasonably speculate that “civilization” is much older than we thought and it might have been more advanced than we ever thought, too. It has been discovered, for instance, that writing was probably invented one or two thousand years earlier than we believed. But cell phones? Cell phones that still worked during the greatest disaster ever experienced by the human race? I wonder what Noah’s family watched on TV while waiting for the waters of the Flood to subside.

But this is how it starts, when “science” gets all woozy.

And once it gets in bed with politics, as it is in our neck of the woods–watch out.


World’s Oldest Writing–and We Can’t Read It

Here it is–the world’s oldest writing… that we know about, so far. See if you can decode the secret message.

I hope you don’t mind taking a little break from watching our secular pin-head civilization destroy itself.

When was writing invented? Back when they used to teach such things in school, we were told that the ancient Sumerians invented writing, possibly as long ago as 4,000 B.C. Egyptian hieroglyphics came along shortly afterward.

In 1993, archaeologists in northern Greece dredged up a piece of wood from the bottom of a lake. The wood was carved all over with writing. Preserved in the oxygen-free environment under a layer of mud, the artifact was carbon-dated to circa 5,200 B.C. ( http://www.ancient-origins.net/ancient-writings-ancient-places-europe/dispilio-tablet-oldest-known-written-text-00913 )

Did you know that? I didn’t, and I try to keep close track of such things. This piece of wood, now called the Dispilio Tablet, is far and away the oldest known sample of writing. But of course we have no idea what it says. An unknown language written in an unknown script cannot be deciphered, as the saying goes. But we might have a slim chance of someday cracking the code, if the unknown language of the Dispilio Tablet is related to ancient Greek. For the time being, though, we have no way of reading it.

Funny things are going on in prehistory, these days. There’s the Potbelly Hill site in Turkey, where a vast, sophisticated temple complex, complete with nicely-executed sculpture in the round, was apparently in operation around 10,000 B.C (see http://leeduigon.com/2013/01/10/an-archeological-enigma-potbelly-hill/ ). And now the advent of writing has been pushed back over a thousand years.

If this keeps up, we’re going to run out of room in history for primitive, know-nothing cavemen.

Although we can always find their like in some of our more expensive public schools.

Another Vanished Civilization


Our own civilization is in deep, deep trouble. While our ruling class does everything it can think of to poison the culture, President *Batteries Not Included and his secretary of state, John “Scarecrow” Kerry, urged on by the notion of “a deal at any price,” are putting all the world at risk by arranging for Iran to acquire nuclear weapons and touch off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East–the most unstable powder-keg on earth. They’re all like toddlers playing with loaded guns.

Against this background, scientists, only since the late 1990s, are discovering a mind-bogglingly ancient civilization in coastal Peru, the Norte Chico (or  Caral-Supe) civilization. Fully formed and in business by around 3200 B.C., and fading out around 1800 B.C., the Norte Chico people built cities characterized by monumental architecture.

They seem to have had plenty of music (various instruments have been found in the ruins), but no visual arts–although painting may simply not have been preserved over such a long period of time. They invented quipu, a system of record-keeping with knotted cords, which was still in use by the Incas thousands of years later.

We don’t know the name of a single person who lived in any of those cities. We don’t know what gods they worshiped, what jokes they told, what language they spoke, or anything much else.

What we do know is something hauntingly strange.

At roughly the same time in history, in parts of the world widely separated geographically, true civilizations (with cities and record-keeping) seem to have arisen independently–in Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indus Valley, Northern China… and Peru. Norte Chico is so far away from any of the others, it doesn’t seem at all possible that any other civilization might have influenced its development. And unlike the others, Norte Chico was not centered around a major river system.

Five civilizations arise in five different places, at about the same time–how could that have happened?

In the Book of Genesis, civilization suffers two destructions–by the Flood, and by God’s action at the Tower of Babel. I think this suggests the possibility that survivors of those calamities would have tried to rebuild, wherever they happened to be. Reputable Bible scholars who don’t believe the Bible will scoff at this; but they can’t laugh the cradles of civilization out of existence.

Why did they come at around the same time, in different places far apart?

And what will scholars be saying about our modern Western civilization, centuries from now, when they pick over our ruins and try to decide which of our famous names were real and which belonged to legend?

Or will we, like the Norte Chico and the Indus Valley people, leave behind no famous names at all?