Uh-Oh! More Racism!

Daddy Long Legs 411 - The Infinite Spider

If spiders had to pay for airline tickets, Daddy Long Legs would get soaked.

Wow! Here’s yet another thing you never knew was Racist!

President SloJo sez that airlines charging extra fees for extra legroom are being unfair to [trumpet fanfare] People Of Color (POCs) and other “marginalized Americans” (https://viewfromthewing.com/president-biden-charging-for-extra-legroom-seats-after-ticket-purchase-is-racist/). Betcha never knew that!

Wait a minute… Are these the same “Marginalized Americans” whom the nooze networks put on center stage every single day, and for whom our politicians scramble all over each other to please and appease?

Confound it, though! Everywhere you look, everything is racist. And we have always known that long-legged marginalized Americans of Color (LLMAOC’s) are the most marginalized and discriminated-against of all. Except for maybe long-legged marginalized transgendered Americans of Color with male pattern baldness (LLNTAOCWMPB’s). They’re really up against it.

Well, the government can at least punish the airlines.

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