Comment Contest: 500 to Go

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Don’t forget the comment contest! Only 500 comments to go, to reach 91,000… and after that we’ll have our annual Christmas Carol Contest.

But first things first. Win the comment contest and win jaw-droppingly spectacular prizes! Little toy army men! An autographed book! A cool T-shirt that says “If They Have to Kill Us, They’ve Lost”! You even get to choose your prize.

All readers are eligible, all comments are eligible–except for really dumb things said by liberals, profanity, commercials disguised as comments, the usual suspects.

Byron the Quokka will get a raise if this contest turns out well.

8 comments on “Comment Contest: 500 to Go

  1. It would be so much easier if my comments would go right through, but the prize makes it very worthwhile, and good news for Byron makes it even better. I’ll try.

  2. I’m not doing too well on commenting today, but that’s because after I did all my morning errands and had lunch, I fell asleep on the couch and now I’m racing like crazy to read all my piled-up emails before it’s time to make supper. I’d be tearing my hair out, except that one of my errands this morning was getting my hair washed and blow-dried, and it would be a shame to have wasted the money — not to mention these precious few hours of sleekness before my hair turns into a brillo pad again. 😛

    1. Oh, he gets those all the time! He might paraphrase Wilhelm Steinitz: “Pats on the head I’ve got, it’s the money that I need.”

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