Another One of Those Bible Study Coincidences

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I asked our friend Erlene to send me a copy of a Bible study she said she was working on, and I’ve just read it this morning.

My own Bible reading has just brought me into some of the grimmer chapters of Ezekiel’s prophecy… and what do you suppose Erlene’s Bible study essay is about? Exactly the same chapters as I read yesterday!

How does that happen? And around here, on this blog, it seems to happen fairly often. Is the Lord blessing our assembly? I like to think so.

I don’t think Erlene publishes these essays anymore; I’d give you a link to them, if I could.

In Ezekiel Chapter 8, God shows the prophet all the abominations with which His people are polluting His Temple and His word… for which He will take vengeance. Oh, God–here in 21st century America, we have invented sins, and wallowed in them, that those doomed people in Jerusalem never even thought of. How will we answer for that?

We’re all wondering, aren’t we?

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