Canada’s Government’s Just As Bad As Ours

Did Prime Minister Justin “WEF Puppet” Trudeau interfere with an ongoing police investigation? A murder investigation, no less–worst mass murder in Nova Scotia’s history. And did the Trudeau government jeopardize the investigation by leaking details best kept secret–for short-term political gain?

Do any of the days of the week end with the letter “Y”?

Some members of Parliament are calling on WEF Puppet to resign. Don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. Somehow, wherever in the world you look, Far Left crooks and tyrants never seem to pay the price.

And the fallen world keeps falling…

Pray harder.

3 comments on “Canada’s Government’s Just As Bad As Ours

  1. Our Prime Dictator has gotten away with so many scandals, ethics violations, lies … Our government has never been so corrupt. He should have resigned long ago. Not even his father was this bad when he was PM.

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