Are You Happy With Your College Degree?

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Odds are almost 50/50 that you aren’t!

But if you have a degree in (LOL) Journalism… well, 87% of you who have ’em regret having gone to college and paid through the nose to get one (

[I don’t know what’s so terrible about a Journalism degree. Heck, it’s one of the easiest jobs in the world. If you’re on TV or radio, simply recite the Democrat talking points. If you’re at the keyboard, simply type in the Democrat talking points. What could be easier?]

Coming in second in the “What the hell did I do that for?” derby is a degree in sociology, with 72% of those who have them wondering why they bothered. The survey covered 1,500 students in various disciplines–and found that on the whole,. 44% of persons with college degrees “regretted” getting them.

We are not told how satisfied numbskulls are with their degrees in Nothing Studies, Superhero Studies, Lesbian Backwards Poetry Studies, Chicano Calisthenics Studies, etc., etc.

Maybe those are the degrees the holders are satisfied with.

5 comments on “Are You Happy With Your College Degree?

  1. I’m quite happy both with my undergraduate degree (1963, double major in English and Classics, minor in history) and with my graduate degrees (1979 and 1982), specialty in Renaissance England — not because they got me good jobs but because they gave me a greater knowledge of human behavior and a greater exposure to beauty of all kinds. These things have lasted me all my life and made it a good life, in good jobs and bad.

    1. The university was not invented as a job bank. The problem is that nowadays EVERYONE is expected to go to college… and that has greatly diluted the college product.

    2. You hit it on the head Lee. The flip side is that people come out of college with a degree, no experience, and little in the way of real-world skills, yet many of them expect to be treated like royalty.

  2. It is true that many people in our society consider a college degree indispensable. The cost, even at public universities, is so high that many students mortgage their lives today to pay it.

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