By Request, ‘It Is Well With My Soul’

Horace Spafford lost his wealth in the Great Chicago Fire. Then he lost his four daughters in a shipwreck. After that, he wrote this hymn.

It Is Well With My Soul, requested by SlimJim.

Mr. Spafford was a giant of the faith.

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    1. Feast or famine–this message came thru twice.
      Hey! Why don’t we all have computer chips put into our heads? What could go wrong?

  1. Here is a bit from “Hymns of Faith & Inspiration” about the death of Spafford’s four daughters. Horatio Spafford was not with his wife and daughters when their ship sank.

    “In the moments before the ship sank, Anna Spafford gathered her four young girls to her side and prayed with them, holding the youngest in her arms. As the icy waters of the North Atlantic swept over the decks, the three older children disappeared, and eventually even the baby was washed from her mother’s embrace. Alone and near death herself, Anna was spotted from a lifeboat and plucked from the sea.
    It was ten days before the survivors of the shipwreck were landed safely in Cardiff, Wales. From there Anna Spafford wired her anxious husband a brief and poignant message: “Saved Alone.” Boarding the next available ship, Horatio sailed to England, where he was reunited with his grieving wife.”

    I have held two dear loved ones, as their breath slowly slipped away and they went to be with the Lord. But to have four young girls, all swept away, with nothing I could do, I just can’t imagine the grief and pain that would follow me all the days of my life.

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