‘White-Baiting “College” on the Skids’ (2017)

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You mean that people actually pay for this???

Just five years ago Evergreen State College, in Washington, held a “Day of Absence” in which no white people were allowed on campus. Those few who did were menaced by goons. The news got out fast, and enrollment at Evergreen went into a tailspin.

White-Baiting ‘College’ on the Skids

But do we learn? Do we remember?

This year Evergreen’s enrollment shot up 14%. Oh happy day. We are not told whether they’ve cleaned up their “We hate white people!” act… but why should they? If they were thinking it’d all blow over by and by, well, they were right.

What’s so great about college that all these people subject themselves and their offspring to it?

And why can’t we remember who the bad guys are?

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