Special Treat: Bob and Ray, ‘The Largest Living Lizard’

Hey, let’s have a laugh!

Bob and Ray performed “The Largest Living Lizard” back in 1984 and it’s still hilarious today.

Komodo dragons are awesome carnivores which are now kept in major zoos throughout the country… where they almost never attack anyone.

8 comments on “Special Treat: Bob and Ray, ‘The Largest Living Lizard’

  1. I always loved Bob & Ray. What was the name of the female character they did who was always recommending chicken fat? (“If it’s digestible at all, it’s digestible with chicken fat.”)

  2. I heard somewhere, that it’s the world’s largest living lizard? I found a horned lizard in my yard that was five inches long; I wonder, are they larger than that? 🙂

    1. These animals are really fabulous ambush predators–and not too bad at chasing their prey, either (faster than you’d ever think!).

    2. It would be like dealing with a long-legged crocodile. I watched a YouTube video about Komodos in a game preserve. They were used to being around the rangers, but they were still angling for position. If the rangers hadn’t been wary, they would have ended up as lunch.

      I’ve heard that they are the world’s largest lizard. 🙂

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