Let’s Just Relax

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No, no, no! I am not going to write up any politics today, I am not going to write up any nooze–and wit you well (as Sir Thomas Malory would say), there’s plenty I could write about. I am going to go out and have a cigar, work a little on my book, come back in to watch “Godzilla vs. Megalon,” and then sit down to our Thanksgiving dinner.

Judah the Maccabee, fighting for the survival of his nation, insisted on resting on the Sabbath: he would not do battle on that day unless he were attacked.

We fight for America. Maybe for the whole Western civilization, what’s left of it. But this day at least we set aside for thanksgiving to God.

10 comments on “Let’s Just Relax

  1. I agree. There is so much bad news that it can be wearying. There are occasional bright spots, in world events, and these refresh the spirit.

  2. Well, my last comment got posted, maybe this one will also.

    Today I finished reading book two in the Bell Mountain series. I liked the first book, but I thought the second book was even better. But what I didn’t like when I finished, was so many things were left undone, so much left unsaid and incomplete, so many loose ends…

    I have always disliked TV programs when they ended with … “to be continued.” So now (I did win the third book in the series, thank you), I will have to wait seven to nine weeks to read the continuation of the story! For that is how long it normally takes mail to arrive here. Unless it’s sent “overnight special delivery” or some other fast type of delivery. And even then, it will take about a week or so.

    I have a question about all the other books in the series, do they all end with…”to be continued”?

    1. Overnight from here to the Philippines would cost $120 and change.
      I wrote those books as if they were a history, and history is always “to be continued.”
      Besides, once you start writing a continuing saga, it’s hard to stop. And when do loose ends get all tied up in real life?

    2. P.S.–I have no control over what gets posted and what doesn’t. I can delete a post that gets through… but first it has to get through.

  3. Shipping costs have gotten horrendous. A continuing saga, that explains a lot. Moreover, it’s an interesting saga.

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