Another Fake ‘Church’

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The video is much too gross to post here. Let’s have a happy puppy instead.

I feared to write this up, lest I incur a spiritual pollution. But it’s important to know and to show that corruption cuts across denominational boundaries. These mean nothing to Satan.

I’m not going to link to it and I’m not going to post the video. Suffice it to say that in 2019, to protest the United Methodist Church’s bans on “gay marriage” and ordaining “gay” clergy, a Methodist church in Durham, N.C.–this is when a church is not a church–held a Drag Queen, er… “service.” I will not link to the article. You can track it down easily enough yourself, if so motivated.

In addition to being just plain revolting, this is indicative of a much worse problem–a so-called church taking it upon itself to deny God’s word and replace His laws with their own.

I think things are getting worse… all over the world.

Go ahead, tell me I’m wrong.

8 comments on “Another Fake ‘Church’

  1. You are exactly right. Sadly, the church is going gross and disgusting along with the rest of satan’s evil world It is critical that we who love God have nothing to do with this garbage.

  2. In two of the 7 churches Jesus wrote to in the Book of Revelation He said those who say they are Jews and are not are the synagogue of Satan. Can we not call these progressive churches “churches of Satan?” President Ronald Reagan said if America ever fails the world would go into a thousand years of darkness. The darkness is truly getting darker in the world but God has His elect and remnant available to raise up a standard of light against it that can dispel the darkness. As they say, the darkest hour is just before the dawn.

  3. I am going to tell you, you are correct.

    Now, how about something good, a Christmas carol request. I would like to hear “Good King Wenceslas.”

    I liked the melody, but all my life I always wondered, why it was supposedly a Christmas carol. I never heard it sung in church, and the only words I knew were about a good king watching some poor guy gathering wood for a fire. Around Christmas time a year ago, my curiosity got to me and I looked up the lyrics. What a wonderful telling account, of an act of love one Christian king, did as an example we should follow.

    Good King Wenceslas

    1. Good King Wenceslas looked out,
    On the feast of Stephen,
    When the snow lay round about,
    Deep and crisp and even.
    Brightly shone the moon that night,
    Though the frost was cruel,
    When a poor man came in sight,
    Gath’ring winter fuel.

    2. ‘Hither, page, and stand by me,
    If thou know’st it, telling,
    Yonder peasant, who is he?
    Where and what his dwelling?’
    ‘Sire, he lives a good league hence,
    Underneath the mountain,
    Right against the forest fence,
    By Saint Agnes’ fountain.’

    3. ‘Bring me food and bring me wine,
    Bring me pine logs hither,
    Thou and I will see him dine,
    When we bear them thither.’
    Page and monarch forth they went,
    Forth they went together,
    Through the cold wind’s wild lament,
    And the bitter weather.

    4. ‘Sire, the night is darker now,
    And the wind blows stronger,
    Fails my heart, I know not how,
    I can go no longer.’
    ‘Mark my footsteps, my good page,
    Tread thou in them boldly,
    Thou shalt find the winter’s rage,
    Freeze thy blood less coldly.’

    5. In his master’s steps he trod,
    Where the snow lay dinted,
    Heat was in the very sod,
    Which the Saint had printed.
    Therefore, Christian men, be sure,
    Wealth or rank possessing,
    Ye who now will bless the poor,
    Shall yourselves find blessing.

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