Disney Satan ‘Joke’ Falls Flat

Disney Corp is saying it was just a joke… but the public isn’t laughing.

In an alleged “Christmas special”–somebody really ought to be struck by lightning–called “The Santa Clauses,” children hold up letters that spell out “We love you, Satan” (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/11/new-disney-christmas-series-shows-children-holding-signs-love-satan-video/).

They say it was their little joke, kids were supposed to say “Santa” but they got it wrong, tee-hee.

Hey, groomers–coming from you, it isn’t funny. Coming from you, we have a hard time believing it’s a joke.

No, these people aren’t funny.

5 comments on “Disney Satan ‘Joke’ Falls Flat

    1. The Lake of Fire decision, happens above my pay grade, but you won’t hear me objecting, if it happens that way. In general terms, any form of corrupting children is among the lowest of the low, in my book. Even this “joke” is not good, and sexual grooming, IMO, is beneath contempt. Disney hasn’t sold me anything, since the Secretariat movie.

    2. Poor Walt Disney! His name is now mud. The company he founded is a howling disgrace, a source of spiritual pollution.
      Too bad he can’t come back and fire the whole gang!

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