Eye-Popping Numbers from the U.S. Dept. of Education

Army Ants Act Like Algorithms to Make Deliveries More Efficient | Science|  Smithsonian Magazine

What are you getting for your school taxes?

You’re getting screwed.

Here are official Dept. of Education figures for the decades 2000-2019.

In those 20 years, the number of students enrolled in public schools increased by 7.6 percent, the number of teachers employed went up 8.7 percent–

And the number of “administrators” in the schools increased by 87.6 percent.

(Source: Imprimis, Nov. 2022)

Is this insane or what? Why do we need this swarm of “administrators”? Principals, vice principals, “diversity” mullahs, “inclusion” experts–it’s like a wave of army ants. These are the “education theorists” who subject our children to Critical Race Theory, transgender, LGBTQ porn in the school libraries, and all the rest of the abominations for which public education is… can I say “noted”?

Nothing is hurting America more than what we insist on calling “public education.”

This has to stop. It really has to stop. And I’m afraid the only way to do it is to pull the children out of public schools. We can’t change the bizarre Marxist mindset of teachers’ college graduates, and even less, that of the “administrators.” Let them practice their voodoo in empty classrooms.

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  1. The schools’ ability to get their hands on unbelievable amounts of tax money(direct funding and cushion) serves as an additional reason for the bloat.

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