My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 22 (‘Yes, It’s World War III’)

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They’ll swallow us whole…

My wife thinks this is one of my best columns ever. I don’t know. I thought it over for several days before I tried to write it.

World War III is already with us… but except for incidents like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it’s not a shooting war.

That’s what makes it so dangerous.

Yes, It’s World War III

Doesn’t it seem to you that all these Far Left brilliant ideas, radical policies, and incomprehensible agendas add up to one thing–the extinction of the human race?

Don’t think that notion doesn’t turn them on.

3 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Dec. 22 (‘Yes, It’s World War III’)

  1. I just saw a headline that said, How Far to the Edge of the Universe? The actuall think they can determine such a thing…? Stupid in extremis.

  2. I read the article early this morning, and I kept thinking, “This is absolutely brilliant!” Yes, one of your best ever. Indeed, as you say, “Here we have one of the most ancient dynamics of all: There is always someone, somewhere, who wants more than his share of the world and is willing to do virtually anything to get it.” A brilliant summary of fallen man’s history — and the development of that summary is both incisive and profound. Yes, “Freedom is exotic. Throughout history it has only bloomed from time to time; and tyrants through the ages have found many ways to stifle it.”

    You’ve outdone yourself. I could quote almost every sentence as a masterpiece. Bravissimo! (For our sake, though, I just wish you weren’t so accurate. Sigh.)

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