Nooze, Nooze, Nooze… Feh!

Hollywood has-been Sean Penn

Ordinarily I’d cover all these nooze stories today… but I just don’t feel like it. Let me just rush through them so we know we have to keep praying.

*Sean Penn–remember him? and who’d blame you if you didn’t?–sez being unvaccinated is “a criminal offense” and you shouldn’t be allowed to earn a living, go out in public, etc. This from a guy who looks like he sleeps between the garbage cans in a back alley. Really, no Hollywood hot-shot, even an ex-hot shot, has to look like that.

*Thomas Jefferson High School, in Virginia, has decided to do away with all academic rewards in favor of–as the idiot in charge says–“equity.” She describes herself as a big believer in “equal outcomes” for all. Anyone that stupid just has to wind up in public education. (We told you about that word “equity”: it has no meaning anymore.)

*Congress has gotten around to banning TikTok from all “House [of Representatives]-issued mobile devices” because it’s a security risk. TikTok, owned by the Chinese Communist Party sock puppet, Byte-something, collects all sorts of information on American users–even children–and sends it all back to Peking. At the very least, it might yield some information that could be used to blackmail someone into betraying America… I mean, if they aren’t doing so already. Meanwhile, some state legislatures have already banned TikTok and are hoping to make the ban nation-wide.

There you have it! Three nooze reports for the price of one!

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  1. Whenever I am faced with a tough decision, I stop and ask myself; what would Sean Penn do? Then I do the opposite. 🙂 I have no respect for the man, and indeed, he looks like someone who was expelled from a homeless shelter for violating the dress code, but he was absolutely hilarious in Sweet and Lowdown.

    If you love Jazz guitar, if you hate Jazz guitar, if the name Django Reinhardt means something to you, or if it doesn’t, there is fun for one and all in this ridiculous movie about a vain Jazz guitarist who faints at the sight of his hero, the legendary Django. Most of the antics they portray Penn’s character as performing, actually came from Django’s real-life behavior. Ok, I’ve been known to play some Jazz guitar, so I’m a bit biased, but I have to say that Penn did a good job in that movie.

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